Everything Leadership Digital Success Guide

Everything Leadership Digital Success Guide



Leadership, like life - is a journey, and the journey begins with you. The Everything Leadership Success Guide provides a simple yet effective road map covering the essentials.  Whether you're a novice or experienced, this eBook will boost your momentum, particularly if you are determined to make a difference. 


Written in an easy to read format (47 pages), the guide contains 6 articles, 50 Leadership Affirmations, 25 Ways to Build Your Influence,  Tools to Help Identify Your Strengths, The Leader's Success Checklist,  The Leader's Reading List, and more.


What's Inside:

  • Introduction
  • The Leader's Success Checklist
  • Bible Scriptures on Leadership
  • Article- Setting and Achieving Your Goals
  • Essential Leadership Traits & Skills Chart
  • Article - Find Your Strengths and Choose Your Success
  • 50 Leadership Affirmations
  • Article - Helping Your Team Achieve Their Personal Career Goals
  • 25 Ways to Build Your Influence
  • Article - Find Your Strength and Choose Your Success
  • Tools That Help You Organize Your Time Effectively
  • Article - Stress and Anxiety Reduction Techniques
  • Eating Better
  • Article - Reading Books on Leadership
  • Reading List for Leaders


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    All Scripture quotations are taken from the King James Version of the Bible. The Holy Bible, King James Version - Copyright 2017 by

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